Sandberg Architecture And Design Inc.
Doug Sandberg officially launched SAAD inc. In 2007. The firm’s emphasis is on design quality rather than particular styles or specific building types, with the belief that the best design results from a creative collaboration between architect and client. Another emphasis of the firm is environmental responsibility in regards to both design and business practices. Mr. Sandberg applies these basic principles to a wide array of building types - reflecting his varied experience in residential, institutional and commercial projects.
With 15 years of experience, Doug Sandberg was recently a principal at Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge architects - leading new-build and renovation projects such as performing arts centers, museums, custom residences, country clubs and schools. Prior to his 9 years with Hammond Beeby Rupert Ainge - he began his career at the architects’ partnership in Chicago, working on a variety of commercial projects. Mr. Sandberg graduated with a professional degree, a bachelor of architecture, from Iowa State University in 1993.
Doug Sandberg is an accredited professional with USGBC’s leadership in energy & environmental design (Leed AP).
Success of Sandberg Architecture And Design projects is measured by the quality of the designs, functionally and aesthetically. Rather than adhere to particular styles or pre-conceived notions, the focus on each project is achieving the highest quality possible while catering to the unique qualities of each client, context and budget.
Selecting an architect often requires choosing between those that have a pre-determined style, and those that defer to program requirements at the expense of design. Sandberg Architecture And Design believes there is an alternative - collaboration through the creative process between architect and owner, which has the potential to produce high quality design while being grounded in the clients’ specific needs.
In response to the profound impact the construction industry has on the environment, Sandberg Architecture And Design is committed to making responsible environmental choices on every project whenever feasible. In addition, a similar commitment has been made to SAAD Inc. business practices. The use of paper is minimized, and when it is utilized: all copies, letterhead and business cards are printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper.
Sandberg Architecture And Design shows commitment to its community by providing pro-bono services or donations to local charitable organizations that amount to a minimum of 5% of corporate profits.